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Based in the Heart of England on the Herefordshire and Shropshire borders Manor Wood Designs is a custom furniture maker specialising bespoke designs modern, clean-lines using local sustainable materials.


The main focus is creating unique handmade furniture working with each client to create a one off piece that makes any space special


From large commercial conference tables, bespoke office or store fittings or a family dining table. Each piece is made to order by hand in our workshop, providing a great opportunity to work closely with every client. working with variety of materials to ensure each piece has appropriate look and feel to make any space special

Built by hand, not a robot

Zero Waste Policy

There is nothing wrong with the world of CNC and mass production everything has its place but working with character woods needs the human touch

High-end unique designs for home and commercial

Simple and clean lead by design from our workshop on the Herefordshire and Shropshire Border.

Specialising in one of a kind bespoke projects large or small 

every piece is hand crafted.

The best thing about the way we work and the build process is how we use all the materials with zero waste.


Smaller off-cuts go into pieces like our one of a kind cutting boards and gadget stands.


Epoxy Resin can an otherwise unusable slab of wood I work of art.


Even humble ply off-cuts find a home in our simple smart phone stands.


Finally, the sawdust heats the workshop in winter.

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SOCIAL : YouTube

Nothing to hide - YouTube

We have a growing YouTube community and if the client agrees they can have there build documented step by step on YouTube giving a quick unique record of how there item was made

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